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We are a Norwalk, CT based company, and pet lovers like you, marketing our own line of high quality all natural and holistic dog & cat foods since 2002. Our foods are produced in Upstate New York, using only human grade quality ingredients, and sold direct to consumers in Southern CT, the Greater NYC Area & Northern NJ. We continue to grow by providing our customers:

  • Providing our customers only top end goods and treats that we proudly feed to our own dogs and our families' cats.
  • Free Home Delivery within our primary service area.
  • Competitive Pricing - 15-20% less than comparable holistic foods at the big box pet stores.
  • Free samples whenever possible.
  • A 100 % Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back.

We believe in treating customers the way we would want to be treated if we were the customer, and always keep in mind that the pets best interest comes first. If we wont feed it to our own pets, we won't sell it to you for yours!

Key Benefits for Pets:

  • Healthy Holistic Foods! Meat-first formulas made with human grade quality ingredients provide the proteins and carbohydrates needed for optimum pet health & no by-products, wheat, corn, soy or added preservatives.
  • Nutrition You Can Trust! Our foods are made in Upstate New York with ingredients sourced here in the US. We have NEVER been involved in any pet food recalls, however if we ever did have a problem we are one of the only companies who could recall product all the way to the consumers pantry.
  • Freshness & Great Taste! Our unique distribution system direct to consumer ensures a freshness that cannot be matched by food sold in pet stores. That incredible freshness means a great taste that your pet will love.

Key Benefits for You:

  • Free Home Delivery! We bring the foods right to your door and at no extra charge! That's one monthly chore you can take off the list. And no struggle with the bags.
  • Cost Savings! Since we don't have an expensive retail store and lots of overhead,we consistently price our products below those of comparable products found in pet stores. A typical high quality food sold in the large chain pet stores cost $60 - $90 or more for their biggest which is usually a 30 lb. bag. That's $2.00 to $3.00 / lb.
    Our flagship Holistic Premium Chicken, sells as low as $1.66 / lb. for large orders. Savings like this can really add up for large or multiple dogs.
  • Peace of Mind! Knowing that your beloved pets are getting good safe nutrition. And buying from a local company that you trust.

Contact Us:

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  • Toll Free:  1-866-LUV-R-PET (1-866-588-7738)
  • In CT:  203-849-8080
  • In NY:  914-699-3799

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