Is Sierra Natural a new pet food?
Sierra Natural Petfoods began in CT in 2001, and has expanded slowly through Fairfield County, CT, Westchester & Rockland Counties in NY, Long Island, and of course more recently into northern New Jersey. Where we cannot deliver ourselves we ship to our customers via Fedex Ground, at little or no additional cost to the customer. We have about 5000 dogs and cats that have been thriving on our foods for many years.

What Makes Sierra Natural different?
Sierra Natural’s Holistic Petfoods start with the highest quality ingredients, and then add 8 groups of sequestered vitamins & trace minerals to make a food that maximizes the health and well-being of your pet. We add NONE of the things that you would not want in your pet’s food such as by-products, artificial preservatives, chemical dyes, added sugars, wheat gluten, or for that matter, even wheat. Our cooking process maximizes the food’s digestibility, deliverable nutrition, and the great taste. Plus, our industry-unique home delivery program provides an incredible freshness that is unattainable with a normal 3-tier distribution system. That freshness = great taste which = happy dogs & cats. The end result is one of the best pet foods available at any price, and more than likely your pets will enjoy it.

Why do your customers prefer this food for their pets?
Our customers know they can provide no better nutrition for their pets than ours, and they appreciate the convenience of free home delivery. Plus, we are able to bring it to them at prices about 15 -20% below what a comparable food would cost in a pet store!

Where is your pet food made?
Our foods are 100% manufactured in the Midwest with all ingredients sourced here in the states except for the (free-range) lamb which comes in from New Zealand.

When it comes to Sierra Natural, you’ll never need to worry about:
Being controlled by a large corporation constantly pushing to reduce cost and, ultimately, food quality.
Imported ingredients with potentially harmful side effects.
Usage of ingredients that add no nutritional value to the product.

Is the food “human grade”?
We use only human grade quality ingredients.

What are the benefits to feeding a pet top quality dog food?
The health benefits of a top quality food are somewhat nebulous, and difficult to measure. As an example, it would be difficult to prove that quality pet food made from human grade level ingredients could add 1-2 years to a dog’s life, or even more difficult to define that the health of those years would yield a better quality of life. However, there have been many instances where proper nutrition, in the early life of a dog, has been used to minimize or eliminate health problems later in life. An example would be the work Eagle Pack has done to solve the Rickets problem with Great Danes and Hip Dysplasia in German Shepherds. They also believe Labradors and particularly Weimeraners also require specific levels of phosphorous in the food, and a specific range of protein fed in the first year or life can prevent the typical arthritis problems these breeds experience later in life. You might Google these problems, Eagle Pack, or The Great Dane Lady to get more info than you will ever be able to obtain from one story.

Good foods like ours are supplemented to maximize and maintain the good health of our pets with many healthy ingredients such as Glucosamine for joint and bone health as well as Prebiotics and Probiotics. These are live bacteria strains similar to what is in Activia Yogurt that enhance a dog’s digestive system and the immune functions. The cost of a top notch pet food is minor, if these ingredients are able to prevent one trip to the vet.

What does ‘holistic’ mean when it comes to dog food and why is it so important?
Unlike the terms “all-natural” or “organic” interestingly, there is no specific definition of the term “Holistic” when it is applied to pet food. On a more general basis it refers to a food which is developed with the overall integrated long term health of the pet in mind. It is important because every ingredient that goes into a food can impact the long term health of pets. Each must be selected for the overall impact on the food, not a specific feature or benefit.

Further inquiries can be directed at: info@loveourpet.com, 866-LUV-R-PET (588-7738), or below.