Premium Pig Ears


Your dog won’t be able to resist these smoked snacks.

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• Pigs Ears – One of the tastiest dog treats around And won’t last in your house!
• Good for teeth and gums. All sizes and breeds of dogs love pig ears, a very palatable canine delicacy that blends the unique taste of smoked ham with a chewing challenge that helps keep your dogs teeth clean from tartar.
• Our Pig Ears are made in the USA in USDA certified plants. These smoked pig ears that are full of protein, all natural and with no preservatives, processed at 160 to 180 degrees F for 16 hours, then 4 hours of cooking adding natural or liquid smoke that drives your dog wild for the taste of our delicious pig ears. This process eliminates the presence of any bacteria that may be harmful to your pet or to you.

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