Merrick’s Classic Recipes


The classic recipes from Merrick’s premium wet foods.

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Grammy’s Pot Pie

These tender chunks of chicken are sure to make your dog beg to go to Grammy’s, even if they have to eat their vegetables. Grammy’s Pot Pie is prepared with Chicken, Red Jacket New Potatoes, Carrots, Snow Peas, & Red Apples.


Venison Holiday Stew

Our family made this dish available after our dog, Annie, devoured a bowl and now expects it every day. Merrick Classic Grain Free Venison Holiday Stew™ contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.


Smothered Comfort

Homestyle chicken thighs smothered in gravy with a buffet of Momma Merrick’s fixins. If you hear your dog yelping a loud Amen on the back porch, this is completely normal behavior.


Thanksgiving Day Dinner

Thanksgiving should come more than once a year, so Merrick created a meal for your dog to enjoy all year round.  Thanksgiving Day Dinner is prepared with Turkey, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Green Beans, & Granny Smith Apples.


Wilderness Blend

The wilderness – it’s the call of the wild, the place where these native American flavors were first born. The original flavor of Buffalo, the untamed taste of Venison and the bold fresh taste of Salmon all mixed together for an excursion of the palate. The unharnessed flavor of Wilderness Blend awaits.



Slow cooked whole chicken wings offer marinated tender chicken cooked on a softened bone with nutty brown rice simmered in savory gravy.  THIS SPECIAL COOKING PROCESS MAKES THE BONE MUSHY AND SAFE FOR YOUR DOG TO ENJOY.



This bayou classic allows dogs to get in touch with their southern senses. The delicious combination of Turkey, Duck and Chicken all cooked together in their wonderful juices makes even vegetarians reconsider their pledge. It’s time that all of our dog friends had a taste of this Cajun Treat. The Merrick family says – “geaux for it!”

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Grammy's Pot Pie, Senior Medley, Smothered Comfort, Thanksgiving Day Dinner, Turducken, Venison Holiday Stew, Wilderness Blend, Wingaling


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